handiski / snowshoes

The ESF also thinks about those who prefer not to ski. The ESF Albiez gives you the opportunity to revitalize yourself far from the station’s bustle. Snowshoes outings will allow you to experience the natural beauty of the Albiez Montrond domain.

The ESF also offers Handiski lessons for disabled people and anyone you do not want to ski. Let the instructor safely guide you and discover the pleasures of sliding.

snowshoe outings

Snowshoeing can be practiced at any age and is the perfect way to enjoy the winter mountains and their natural environment. Discover the Alpine way of life while enjoying the benefits of sport.


8 participants minimum!

rates  -  snowshoe outingsDetails

1 hour  
12,00 €

Handiski / sit-ski

Discover the skiing area of Albiez Montrond with a qualified instructor. On a sit-ski, enjoy the pleasures of sliding down the slopes and the sight of magnificent mountain landscapes. Let the instructor guide you!

This experience is available for disable people but also for people who can't or do not wish to ski. Just take your camera and enjoy the ride!


One session lasts an hour
Equipment used: Sit-Ski

ratesLift pass included. 

6 x Sessions300,00 €
1 x Session55,00 €